Saturday, December 4, 2010

Academy culls Animated Short Contenders to 10

From the original 33 animated films under consideration from the 2011 Academy Awards, now only 10 remain.  Members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch continue make further cuts to a final three to five films before Oscar nominations are announced Jan. 25.

1. "The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger," Bill Plympton, director (Bill Plympton Studio)
2. "Coyote Falls," Matthew O'Callaghan, director and Sam Register, executive producer (Warner Bros. Animation Inc.)
3. "Day & Night," Teddy Newton, director (Pixar Animation Studios)
4. "The Gruffalo," Jakob Schuh and Max Lang, directors (Magic Light Pictures)
5. "Let's Pollute," Geefwee Boedoe, story-design-animation (Geefwee Boedoe)
6. "The Lost Thing," Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann, directors (Passion Pictures Australia)
7. "Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage (Madagascar, a Journey Diary)," Bastien Dubois, director (Sacrebleu Productions)
8. "Sensology," Michel Gagne, director-producer (GAGNE International LLC)
9. "The Silence beneath the Bark," Joanna Lurie, director (Lardux Films)
10. "Urs," Moritz Mayerhofer, director (Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg)
click here for the full article and embedded video courtesy of The Washington Post’s Michael Cavna, Posted at 2:30 PM ET, 12/ 4/2010

“Urs” Image courtesy Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

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