Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lyn Eliot raising funds for new animated short

Local animator Lyn Eliot, creator of "Another Dress, Another Button" is raising funds for her newest project.  She is co-directing the five-minute film "I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently" with New York based animator/illustrator Nina Frenkel.  Eliot serves as the film's writer and editor.

Frenkel animated this film using "tradigital" animation where hand-drawn elements are combined using computer animation; a little old school meets new.  Frenkel admits the method is pain-staking, taking countless hours.

Both film makers have started a Kickstarter campaign to hire more Toon Boom animators.  Given proper funding, they believe will get to see the film in August of 2014.  They are offering up some wicked prizes for those who help.

"A short animation about a woman who finds her twenty-year-old diary, and goes back in time to talk some sense into her teenage self." - Kickstarter Campaign