Thursday, January 31, 2013

Support IFC 2013 Fantasy Filmmaker Draft

On January 30th, the IFC 5th Annual Fantasy Filmmaker Draft film project will officially begin.  For those of you that haven’t been involved in a FFD before, it is a truly unique filmmaking experience.  The goal of this project is to give you the opportunity to work with others with whom you have never worked before. While it is hoped that the final production is of high quality, that goal is second to learning to work with new people. Everyone who wants to participate, will.  See the bottom of the page for details.
Here is how it works:

January 30th – Writer/Director/Producer Draft

  • Five team captains will be randomly drawn from the list of those who wish to participate as a team captain.  These team captains will choose which position on their own team they will fill (producer, writer, or director).
  • In ‘fantasy football draft’ fashion, each team captain selects a writer, a director, or a producer.  Captain A will select one position, followed by Captain B, followed by Captain C, etc.  This continues until each team’s principal positions are filled.

February 6-March 6 – The Writing

Immediately following the draft, the writers for each team begin the writing process, with each script building off the previous writer’s work.  Writer A will write 5-7 pages and give it to Writer B.  Beginning where Writer A left off, Writer B will write 5-7 pages and give it to Writer C, and so on.  At the end of the writing process there will be one cohesive story, with five distinct chapters, collaboratively written by the five different writers.
  • Script 1 due February 6
  • Script 2 due February 13
  • Script 3 due February 20
  • Script 4 due February 27
  • Script 5 due March 6 – All five writers meet to finalize and make the scripts cohesive.

March  13 – Cast & Crew Draft

Teams will gather to choose the rest of their filmmaking team.  Teams will choose:
  • actors
  • editors
  • directors of photography
  • crew
  • all the rest of their team (extras, PA’s, scriptys)

March 14- April 2 – Film Production

Teams will have these three weeks to produce their film.  They will plan, shoot, edit, and then turn in their finished product at the Wednesday night meeting on April 4th.

April 6 – Public Screening

All five films will be put together to make one film in five chapters.  The film will be screened for the public, with refreshments and socializing included at the screening.

To Participate

Because of the unique nature of this event, filmmakers of all skills are encouraged to participate.  Industry veterans, newbies, professionals and amateurs can all work together on one project.  Everyone is welcome to participate whether an IFC member or non-member.  There is a $5 entry fee for IFC members, $10 for non-members.  To be eligible for the Draft, participants must indicate the positions in which they are interested.   To participate contact .  Official Rules will be released shortly, until then you can see last years rule here .

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Animated nominations for 2013 Oscars

Wreck it Ralph
The Pirates

Dylan Dietz
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