Friday, February 18, 2011

HurleyCon 2011 This Weekend!

When: Saturday, February 19th

Where: JLW Convention Center, 5309 S. Rangeline Rd. (about 1 mile South of I-44 on Rangeline Rd.), Joplin, MO

This year we’re adding a couple of new features:

A costume contest with local celebrity judges!

Game Demos for some of the most popular board and card games on the market, like Magic: The Gathering, Carcassonne, Vegas Showdown, Munchkin, Ticket To Ride, Puerto Rico, and more!

We’ll also have tons of guests from the world of comics, including our first Guest of Honor!

Guest of Honor:

Tim is the creator of the smash hit Image comic Hack/Slash. He’s also the writer/artist of books like Ant Man and The Wasp, WildCats, G.I. Joe, Forgotten Realms, Exiles, and many more!

First Time HurleyCon Guests:

Alex Grecian – Writer – Proof, Seven Sons, Hack/Slash: Trailers

Buster Moody – Artist – Maintaining Bohemia, Hack/Slash: Trailers

Jai Nitz – Writer – Tron: Betrayal, Green Hornet: Parallel Lives, Kato: Origins, El Diablo

Returning Guests:

Cullen Bunn – Writer – The Sixth Gun, The Damned, Immortal Weapons, Deadpool Team-Up

Jeremy Haun – Artist – Batman: Red Hood, Battle Hymn, Detective Comics, The Leading Man, Captain America/Iron Man, Chuck – Writer – Narcoleptic Sunday

Dennis Hopeless – Writer – Gearhead, Hack/Slash: Trailers

Brian Hurtt – Artist – The Sixth Gun, The Damned, Hard Time, Jumper: Jumpscars, Queen & Country

Brian Koschak – Artist – Star Wars Adventures, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Narcoleptic Sunday – Writer/Artist – Eavesdropper Cafe

Kevin Mellon – Artist – Gearhead, 13 Steps, Devil Wears Prada: ZOMBIE, Hack/Slash – Writer/Artist – Suicide Sisters, Hack/Slash: Trailers

Steven Sanders – Artist – Marvel’s SWORD, Five Fists of Science, Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age, Deadpool: Team-Up

Harold Sipe – Writer – Screamland

Amber Stone – Writer/Artist – Love The Dango

Kyle Strahm – Artist – We Will Bury You, Hack/Slash: Trailers, Amory Wars – Writer/Artist – Clockwork Creature

Bryan Ward – Artist – Widower

New Guests Just Added!

B. Clay Moore – Writer – Hawaiian Dick, The Leading Man, Battle Hymn, Superman Confidential, Hack/Slash: Trailers, Our Fighting Forces

Mike Norton – Artist – Young Justice, Shazam, The All New Atom, Runaways, New X-Men, Loaded Bible – Writer/Artist – The Curse, Hack/Slash: Trailers

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