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Whether you're a seasoned motion graphics designer or want to start launching into the world of After Effects CS5, we have coverage for you during an intense all-day AE Camp in Kansas City! Your $25 fee includes a full day of learning and networking with some of the Midwest's top motion graphics talent, a delicious catered lunch from Cupini's, and a chance to meet others who share your passion for great visual design on multiple screens.

Come and share your day with colleagues as we learn about tools, tips, techniques, and concepts to save you time and sharpen your skills.

We plan to offer content for beginners through intermediate and advanced users in different rooms simultaneously, so choose your skill level and GO!

It will be a day filled with education and fun. We look forward to seeing you there!

Buck Sommerkamp, KCDesignCore

We will be hosting two seminars simultaneously:
  • 101 - Basic Camp: hosted by
  • 201 - Advanced Exhibition: Demonstrations by the Local Masters
We will also be giving away a full retail copy of Adobe CS5 Production Premium valued at $1699 -- your choice of Windows or Mac versions! Someone will win this at the end of the day, and we hope it's you! Details when you arrive on Saturday morning.

Featuring some of KC's Best Special FX Artists:

Kenny Miracle
Editor/Motion Designer

For the past 6 years, Kenny has done post production work for various studios & non-profit organizations. His experience includes commercials, title sequences, TV shows, and documentaries for worldwide release. He has a passion for raising up teams and creating videos that impact people in a positive way. He is currently the Head of Post Production at the International House of Prayer & a freelance editor/motion designer. Kenny was trained as an intern at the Center for Creative Media.

“Using Kinetic Typography to Tell Your Story”
Motion graphics are very popular these days, but an age-old truth still applies: content is king. Motion designers are still storytellers. Because of this, it's often important to communicate both clearly and creatively. One excellent method is the growing trend of kinetic typography. In this presentation, Kenny will be sharing about typography and the art of blending relevant images with moving text. This presentation is aimed primarily at intermediate users, but should be informative for users of every level.
Andrew Falk

A recent transplant to the KC area, Andrew has spent the last 18 months at Real Media LLC producing and designing MoGraph for local and national sports teams. Having spent the beginning of his career in gaming graphics and corporate presentations, Andrew brings a wide range of styles to the table. Some of Andrew’s weapons of choice are: After Effects, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and the entire Adobe suite just to name a few. Andrew attended the Art institute of Fort Lauderdale and studied VFX and Motion Design.

“Advanced Shape Layer Techniques and Camera Moves”
Ever use shape layers inside After Effects (or have you even heard of them?) Maybe you have and wondered what they are really for, or why would anyone use them. They don't even look that good -- oh but they can, my friends! For one of the most overlooked and underrated features of After Effects, we’ll take a journey down the shape layer road and learn not only one of the most robust features in After Effects, but how to make them look sexy as well! Learn advanced shape layer techniques and some snazzy camera keyframing as well.

Kyle Hamrick
Editor/Motion Designer/Project Manager

For the past eight years, Kyle has worked as an editor, motion designer and producer for various KC production companies, as well as an independent media producer. After several years in broadcast advertising and corporate production, Kyle moved into the field of sports entertainment, and is now working as a freelance motion designer. In the past few years, Kyle has created or directed creation of both in-stadium and broadcast entertainment elements for teams including the Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, San Antonio Spurs, Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Nationals, in addition to numerous projects for non-sports clients. Kyle received his Bachelor of General Science degree in Theater and Film from the University of Kansas.

"Making AE Work For You"
Why should you have to do all the work? Many people can use AE to make great-looking designs, but even many professional designers do a lot of things the hard way. AE is full of features, tricks and shortcuts that can do a lot of the work for you. Through the use of scripts, expressions and proper project organization, you can greatly simplify several common AE tasks, and get your work done faster. In this presentation, Kyle will dissect and discuss the mechanics behind some of his finished projects, and discuss general tips and tricks on expressions, parenting, and project organization/streamlining. This presentation is aimed primarily at intermediate users, but should be informative for users of every level.

Basic Class Chad Perkins (prerecorded) - AE CS5 Essential Training via

So load up your laptop or be prepared to take some good notes. The After Effects Camp Kansas City is right around the corner!

This Boot Camp is produced by the Midwest Association of Professional Animators, KC Design Core, KC Video Core, Stageport and, of course, Adobe.

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