Sunday, October 17, 2010

MAPA Bloggers Wanted!!

Hey to all MAP-Animaniacs!
Have you been following us on our blog or Facebook? If not, why not? Would you like to see more on our pages?
Well answer this:
Do you have great ideas for animation/design/motion graphic articles? Have you attended an industry event or exhibition you would like to review? Just looking to get some toons or artwork published?
Here's your chance!
We need bloggers for MAPA! As we get closer to our monthly publication, we need members to help us fill our blog and, eventually, our newspaper with all the things that make MAPA great.
Remember, this is your blog. It's your chance to express your writing and talent to your fellow MAP-Animaniacs.
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  1. So then basically you mean you need free guest posts not really bloggers.

  2. Nope... we need a regular volunteer staff of bloggers to keep our pages brimming with as much Midwest design, motion graphic and animation news as possible. But thank you for allowing us the opportunity to clarify any semantic confusion.


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