Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch CinemaKC's New Show on April 16. 3 Directors Will Be Featured

This Saturday night at 9:30pm on KSMO-TV 62 we’re showing short films by Jon Davis and Marc Havener as well as a short film starring Kansas City native Meagan Flynn.

Davis’s short film, “The Time We Hold” will be aired as well as Havener’s “And What Remains.” Havener worked in Hollywood for 10 years on films such as “Pirates of the Carribean,” “Sky High,” and “Lone Ranger.” Havener’s “And What Remains,” is a short film of what defines a father is what he leaves behind. A universal story of regret, of reconciliation, and of hope, “And What Remains” explores the complexity of a father’s relationship with his son within the simplicity and beauty of Eastern Kansas.

Flynn is the “Up in the Air” stewardess opposite of George Clooney. She stars in “Adrift,” a four minute short film about a couple at the end of a fight who are each about to reveal the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other.

The show on April 23 will feature Kansas City Art Institute animation students as Ryan Tonner presents “Luchadorable,” and Stuart Bury shows “My Best Friend” and his 2010 Student Academy Award winning short “Dried Up.”

The show on April 30 will feature Patrick Rea who will show the trailer for his upcoming feature film “Nailbiter,” as well as one of his newest shorts, the sci-fi noir thriller “Times Up Eve.”

Jeff Gardner -- CinemaKC

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