Friday, March 11, 2011

I've Been Away, Lots of Fests to Enter!

Sorry your Resident Film Snob has been away! I've taken a mental leave of absence. (A vacation from my problems as Dr. Leo Marvin would say!)
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But I'm back and soon I will be telling you all about what I thought about "My Dog Tulip," "Gnomeo & Juliet," the "Megamind" short, "The Illusionist," some of the Academy's mess-ups and more over at The Resident Film Snob & Here as well.

But first, there are fests to enter! Lots of short screenplay and short animation categories around the good old Midwest.

Here we go. (You all know to click on the blue words to go the right sites so I don't have to waste a whole bunch of space typing out all the info & crap, right? I promise I won't mess up the links.)

Let's start as close to home as possible with the open call for entries at the St. Louis International Film Festival, which happens in November. The fest includes a short film competition with an award for best short animated film.

Right. Next closest is the Black Earth Film Festival in Galesburg, Illinois (about 5 hours away) in September. They seem to be pretty big on animation. And they'll accept any project completed after January 1, 2008, so even if you've already finished something a while back, go see if you qualify for their fest. (I was looking this one over and it actually looks like it might be worth the drive just to check out even if you're not entering anything.)

Okay, next closest is a couple of 'em in the Chicago-land area.

The Naperville Independent Film Festival in September will have a category for Animated Feature & Animated Short.

The Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival September 29 - October 2 has categories for narrative & music video, both of which could be animated.

Then we go up to Michigan for the Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival. There is an animation category where anything is welcome.

Okay, now that I'm back and (relatively) sane, I should be posting these more regularly so there won't be so many crammed into one post.

Coming up next...(hopefully this afternoon, depending how strong of a hold my X-box keeps on me) I'll be letting you know what I thought of "My Dog Tulip." (Sneak preview: magical and pretentious.)
Photo Courtesy: New Yorker Films
Okay, your Resident Film Snob is going to get a bowl of CoCoa Puffs (or the Aldis equivalent) now.

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