Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brodie Rush, Mixed Media Artist in KC

We here at MAPA wanted to thank all the local animators and new friends who joined us for Brodioke Night by taking a little deeper look at our host, Brodie Rush.  This mixed-media artist keeps us wowed on a regular mix of After Effects, video sequences manufactured in his basement studio set and amazing alternative rock rhythms/vocals.  Brodie works on a variety of different projects, from Bubbles & Blankets to his animated rock video Space.

Here's more on the man, the myth, the mystery...

MAPA: What is 'Bubbles and Blankets'?

BRODIE: Bubbles & Blankets is an outlet of energy spent to make "comedy" out of my After Effects learning curve.  I needed some way to have tasks for myself to accomplish and a way to get better at the craft without using my laughable skills on more serious projects and looking like a fool.

MAPA : Briefly explain Be/Non and how you use mixed media to create your art.

BRODIE: Be/Non is my band.  We have been together since 1994.  Recordings and audio training seemed like a perfect transition into video work.  Finally the video medium can be attained at home.  Animations have become my recent passion.

MAPA: Tell us about your musical influences and what in your life led you to this calling?

BRODIE: My musical influences are mainly classic rock.  I enjoy all kinds and types of music and they all make it into my music in some way or another.

My mother used to cater concerts for 13 years here in KC when I was growing up.  I was always backstage.  My parents were and still are big concert goers.  They love music.  I think that is what led me to this calling.  Although after trying to "make-it" for years... I have recently decided
that I will still play music and see where it takes me but, creating visual arts and scoring to that, I feel, is the fast track to making a name for myself. 

MAPA: Who is your work aimed at?

BRODIE: All persons throughout the world.  Those with an flair for the arts and an open mind.
I'm not overly concerned to satisfy the mainstream American public at large with my
work with Be/Non or Bubbles,  although I do make animations for commercial work. 
A man's got to be paid right?  Hahaha...

MAPA: Is there anything specific you want to say to your viewers?

BRODIE: Be patient, have an open heart and mind.  I hope you will laugh or get some kind of emotion from it.  Positive or negative, it's still an emotion.  I'm kind of a wacky person, so, if you're wacky too, I just might appeal to you.

Thanks so much Brodie for the update.  We'll check in with you again soon.

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