Monday, September 10, 2012

Animation Celebration Review: MAPA Loves Bennie and Ike

Thanks to everyone who made the first MAPA Animation Celebration a huge success!  We certainly have a very talented and cutting-edge industry growing right here in the heart of the Midwest.

I am proud to report we had 102 cars show up for our event Saturday night.  Proceeds go to support the ongoing work of CinemaKC and to get MAPA a step closer to our goal of non-profit status.

Thank YOU Kansas City and to Wes and Brian at the Boulevard Drive-in for hosting this amazing event.  We also thank the more than 30 animators who contributed work to this show and will include a full list of all the films this week on the blog.

But before we congratulate those whose work was seen at the Celebration, here are two that got left out.  For whatever reason, the artwork of Bennie Thompson and "Clocked in" by Isaac Ahloe both flaked out of the program.  So in honor of Ike and Bennie, below are some of their work. 

Clocked In: Isaac Ahloe 2011 from KCAI Animation on Vimeo.

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