Saturday, July 23, 2011

Featured Artist : BeeJay Hawn

BeeJay Hawn is a Kansas City local gal with a long history hand drawing caricatures at our very own Worlds of Fun and provided fast paced caricatures at over 500 events in the midwest through her company Oodles of Doodles.

BeeJay has competed in the 2007 NCN minicon, the 2007, 2009, & 2010 ISCA conventions, and the 2008-2011 Cripple Con competitions.
She was awarded the 2009 Cripple Con first place in the theme catagory, then took home the 2nd place Certificate in the Sick & Twisted humour catagory and 3rd place Certificate in the theme catagory at the 2011 Cripple Con competition. She came in the top 11 in the 2009 ISCA speed competition. At the 2010 ISCA competition she came back and worked even harder to come in top 8 in the speed competition and also was awarded 2nd place for Outstanding 3D technique for her caricature cut out shadow boxes.

In March 2010, BeeJay was sketching her daughters for the umpteenth time when she struck upon some character designs that she said, "looked as if it could just get up and walk off the paper.." In the coming weekend, BeeJay said that she was watching TV while doing some household chores and she looked down to see a snake in her living room. "It was as if he was just watching cartoons along with me.." but no, he had to go and no longer was he out the door then another snake popped up under the couch and another through the back door. She put them out and immediately her cat, Sausage, jumped through the window with another in its mouth. As is heard often around her house, she laughed and told the kids, "..and draw it!" Then the idea struck her that some people can take pictures, some scrapbook, and she could make a comic strip. Since March 2010, BeeJay has put out a regular comic showing her sarcastic views on the complex life of a caricature artist.

She wears clean socks every day, love BLTs, and perform Broadway musicals in her shower for standing room only audiences. BeeJay's hobbies include growling at her Chipotles, stealing paint chips from the hardware store, and quoting movies with voices as they play (to the detriment of her friends).
Until the rise of the zombies, she can be found sketching away at her drawing board with her 2 beautiful daughters, Amanda and Truly at her side.

She is available to draw caricatures for either gifts or live at your next event!
You can find more of Beejay on the web at and see more Hobo Stew on her facebook page


  1. Beejay has drawn for me since she was 2 years old. She has always put everything into pictures. So it makes perfect since that she has grown up to be such a talented artist as an adult. Be sure to check out both her websites, let Beejay Amanda and Truly tickle your funny bone. She won't disappoint if you hire her for your next event she always delievers her "A" game with a smile.

  2. As is often heard around her house, she laughed and told the children, and draw it! Some people thought that she could take pictures, some of the scrapbook, and she can do a comic.

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