Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Meeting

Mark Your Calenders MAP-Animaniacs!

Animation Guru and MAPA Member Stephen Goldblatt has graciously offered his animation studio, Bazillion Pictures, to host our July Meeting. Stephen will take us through and bring us up-to-speed on the status of commercial design.

Also expect much more in the weeks to come on our 1st Annual Art Exhibition. We already have three (3) artists who will have work presented. Plenty of space left. Sales/donation optional.

BTW -- we have learned the venue also has an overhead projector which shines video above gallery art. For those of us who work in motion, we will also cycle animation/demo reels overhead while visitors look at wall art, sculpture, etc. below. However, since this is not our animation festival we art not limiting the show to any specific media or styles. If you have it and want to share, by all means bring it!

Submission details to follow.

This will be our 'coming out' party for the KC Art Community! Hope you will participate in this exciting time!


Dylan Dietz

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