Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adam Kubert and Jason Aaron at Elite

Hey! It's Arie! I have always felt that comics and animation go hand in hand especially now a days when you see all the Justice League and Xmen shows on tv. Even in other countries like japan, comics tend to act as working storyboards for the latest animated t.v shows.

That is why today I wanted to share a little about the local comics scene with MAPA and animation lovers. I really wish that animation and comics were more integrated here in KC, getting more comic artists out to animation events and more animators out to comic events. I have scene amazing storyboard artists like Eric Canete for example, that works in animation as a story board artist by day and draws for Marvel and DC at night. Or even people Like Bill Pressing, who is a Joe Kubert School Grad getting his humble beginnings in comics training and now works at Pixar.

If you don't know what the Joe Kubert School is. It is a humble little art school in Dover New Jersey where you can go to get trained as a comic book artist by comic book legends, Joe Kubert, Adam Kubert and Andy Kubert. Joe has a nice like track record having over 80 years in the comic book business as an artist. He can draw circles around your mom and then draw your mom in like 5 seconds.

Speaking of the Kuberts lets get to the topic of discussion. For those that aren't in the loop, Adam Kubert and Aaron Jason were out at Elite comics in Overland park Kansas yesterday signing their new book. (If you haven't checked out Elite you should. The owner, William, is a great guy and he has a huge over lifesize statue of the Simpsons family sitting on a couch in the middle of his store. His store is AWESOME!!)

Jason is a local comics writer with a laundry list of title under his belt and he and Adam teamed up on ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN/WOLVERINE #1.

Both Jason and Adam are amazing creators and there writing and art styles really mesh well together in this book. I stole Jasons copy of Adam and his families sketch book while I was at it for myself. ( Don't worry I paid for it. But it was the last one and I was glad to add it to my sketch book collection.)

I think it is amazing though how even with Adam on the East coast and Jason in Kansas city they still seem to work very well together to tell a story. You can tell they work closely as a team. It also goes to show that no matter where you live in this world you can easily spread your creativity across boarders to touch others. If you didn't make it down to Elite yesterday you missed a real treat. I got to talk with both Jason and Adam for a while and then everyone left to get some BBQ at Jack Stack.

Elite always has some Amazing events going on. They even help with putting together the local Kansas City Comic Con. William is a major supporter of local talent, as well. So if you get the chance, go check out the shop.


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